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Master Clocks & Time Synchronization System

  • Provision of Time Synchronization for critical industries such as transportation hub where critical and synchronize scheduling is required. Revenue industries such as Banks, Finance and Trading Hub. Utilities billing and Monitoring for critical time stamp.

  • Competition such as critical time for start match and end match such as Stadium, Race Circuit and etc

  • Critical time for human and resource management such as production facilities and huge offices,complexes

  • Critical time for operating theater, surgical and medical fields

  • We are able to either supply, design, install, test and commission and train effective time usage, clock systems and Time synchronization.

  • Available analogue and digital time and clocks

Types of Clocks
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Healthcare (Hospital)

OT clock, Wards

Synchronized Clock, Analog or Digital type, Time Synchronization,Masterclock System, Doctors in operating rooms and nurses in hospital wards around the world trust the exact time as shown on the clocks – so that the whole hospital operation in timely manner will compliane to the latest medical system.

GPS time server 

Network time protocol

Typical applications include air traffic control systems, broadcasting, CCTV cyber security systems, computer and communications networks. Time reference for your digital application such as E-commerce, AI technology, banking system

Utility Frequency 

mains frequency-time clock

integrated display for power generation, power distribution and control room facilities. 

Frequency-time derived via the isolated dedicated supply frequency measurement input. 

Showing time difference between the standard time and the frequency-time. 


Non-distractive type

Low noise, silent movement ball-proof housing, large clock for hall and assembly, for silent enviroment such as library, meeting room.


Time Zone Clock

Display Date & Time for your schedule daily activity. Multi time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and their subdivisions because it is convenient for areas in close commercial or other communication to keep the same time.

Airport (KLIA2)

Time Zone Clock 

Manually updating each clock in an airport for Daylight Saving Time is a very big task. With a synchronized system, all of the clocks update automatically. This saves time for facility maintenance personnel to focus on more important tasks and gives airport workers, air traffic controllers, and passengers peace of mind in knowing that the time is always accurate.

Landmark Attraction 

timeless expression

astonishing clock to show appreciation and gratitude, established remarkable impression and deliver powerful Visual Impact. 

There are also many others wonderful customize tailor-made clock such as mechanized movement clock for building facade and sports complex etc. 

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