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Power Factor Correction (PFC)

We work with the leader in the industrial power factor correction field thanks to its broad range of products specifically designed for this particular field.

Thyristor modules

Thyristor modules are characterized by a high switching speed which make them particularly suitable for applications requiring dynamic power factor correction, where the power factor varies very rapidly as a result of sudden and frequent changes in the load, such as welding machines, presses, cranes, mixers, automation robots, etc. ... which could not be compensated by a traditional power factor correction system with switching on by electromechanical contactors.

Thyristor Modules.png

Thyristor Modules

Automatic Power Factor Correction Controller and Contactor

Automatic power factor correction controller is designed to meet the requirements of a dynamic power factor correction for applications where the reactive load varies rapidly over time and a quick correction must be applied.

power factor correction controller.png

PF Correction Controller

pfc contactor.jpg

Special PFC Contactor 

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