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Alarm Annunciator Panel

We offer a comprehensive range of alarm annunciators for supervision, reporting and processing of 

alarm signals in the area of electrical power generation as well as process control plant monitoring.

Discrete Backlit

Annunciator with options for alarm acquisition function and cost efficient models with DC watchdog function.

Alan Electronics MLD-02 series

Alan Electronics MLD-02 series

1-1 3011b.png
Discrete Apparent LED

Standard compact discrete annunciator with apparent LED alarm indication.

Contrel Compalarm

Contrel Compalarm C2C

Mosaic Mimic 

Self-supporting grid system of very high rigidity and low weight for desk plates and mosaic panels of all sizes and with high component density.


The grid segments are covered with tiles of 3 mm thickness or shaped tiles of 6.5 mm thickness.


The grid system can be mounted into a circular or curved mosaic structures.

The installation of various built-in devices is possible.


Existing systems can be modified without any problems.


The grid system consists of cross-shaped and T-shaped elements, bolted together by means of spacers and screws.


The mosaic system is flexible and various structures can be made from the individual elements.

Annunciator Relay / Flag Relay 

The annunciator relay is used for the indication of danger and alarm situations and operational states. 
Its miniature size (39 mm × 46 mm ground surface) makes it suitable to be combined in large numbers so that the entire relay assembly can be used for alarm and status signalling in control rooms, control panels and mimic diagrams. 

flag relay 2.png

The MR 11 is a semi-automatic relay which can be switched in N/C or N/O mode. 
The required switch action - N/C or N/O - is set in the factory prior to delivery, according to customer order specifications. 
Subsequent modifications can be carried out by the customer.

Apart from the coil excitation voltage, no other auxiliary voltage is required for visual signal indication. 
This is a valuable feature particularly in those applications where the relay has the task of monitoring voltages. 

flag relay 3.png

Unlike the MR 11 relay, the MR 21 annunciator relay is fully automatic. 
It has no manual reset button and no NO/NC change-over facility. 
Depending on the preset contact mode (N/O or N/C operation) the relay picks up either at energization or at de-energization. 
The contacts operate and the mechanical indicator flag is set. 
Upon return to normal of the fault situation the indicator flag is automatically acknowledged and the contacts return to their normal position.

flag relay 1.png
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