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Power Meter for Ultrasound Transducers

The Model SECULIFE UP Ultrasound Power Meter was developed to test therapeutic and diagnostic transducers.

Ultrasound watt meters have been used worldwide since 1977 and are a widely accepted standard for documenting the power output of medical transducers.

The compact and light weight device meets all the requirements of a portable test instrument with the reliability and proven performance of the SECULIFE U Series.

The SECULIFE UP uses a 12,7 cm diameter and 8,9 cm high test tank.


  • Measurement range 0 to 30 Watts

  • Frequency range 0,5 to 10 MHz

  • Measurement of pulsed power

  • Measurement of continuous power

  • Readout in watts

  • Readout in grams

  • Battery powered

  • Line-powered (external power adapter)

  • Digital liquid crystal display

  • Automatic zeroing

  • Automatic stabilization

  • Five point certification

  • NIST traceable


Defibrillator Analyzer

SECULIFE DF BASE used for functional testing of external defibrillators.

The delivered energy is measured by a built-in simulated load similar to the human body (50 ohms). Furthermore, rapid and immediate viewing and selecting of the desired ECG signal types and test data is possible.

To determine the current pulse you can use a 12-lead ECG with arrhythmias and power waveforms. This can be rec-orded and viewed on the display of the defibrillator. SECULIFE DF BASE allows the user run up to 50 pre-programmed sequences of tests (Auto Sequences). The tests are configured with an easy to use PC program.

Further features:

  • Monophasic, biphasic and biphasic pulsed energy measurement

  • On-screen viewing of Defibrillator Waveform

  • Cardioversion delay measurement

  • Capacity 5000 V, 1000 Joule

  • Charge time measurement

  • 10 Universal patient lead connectors

  • Full remote operation via RS232

  • Memory for 50 individual test sequencies

  • Centronics printer interface

  • 9 Volt Battery power, low battery indicator

  • Flash programmable for upgrades


Infusion Pump Analyzer for all Essential Quantities

The SECULIFE IF PRO is the most compact, full featured four channel analyzer on the market.

It is a high accuracy, easy to use system that incorporates full touch screen control of all processes without the use of old fashioned buttons and knobs.

The interchangeable modules provide the user with unprecedented flexibility in their IPA testing system. There is no need to be down when the unit is due for calibration. Only the modules need to be calibrated. This also allows the rotating of modules or the use of a spare module, thus providing flexibility not available in other systems.

Further features:​​

  • User swappable fully self contained flow modules

  • Calibration in flow modules
    No need to be down for calibration or service

  • Performs all IEC 60601-2-24 required tests

  • Configurable pressure (mmHg, PSI, Bar, kPa)

  • Smooth dual syringe system

  • High accuracy (up to 1%)

  • PCA / Bolus

  • Back pressure simulation

  • Occlusion alarm

  • Trumpet curve analysis

  • User-selectable test limits

  • Built-in auto test sequences

  • PC compatible

  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 channel models available (field upgradeable)



Infusion Pump Analyzer for Flow

The Seculife IF+ is designed to test the flow rates of intravenous infusion pumps to ensure their correct operation. It is able to test up to two pumps simultaneously.

All tests are controlled by a Microprocessor which calculates and displays the results. The fluid path is unobstructed, making them easy to clean. The tubes are plastic, not glass so they are rugged. The cables and chambers are interchangeable. The unit auto identifies each chamber when it is plugged in. The chamber calibration is stored electronically in each chamber, so all units are interchangeable. This unit is designed to be tough, simple, portable & very user friendly.

Further features:

  • Easy to Use

  • Easy to Clean

  • Simultaneous Operation of T wo Chambers

  • Large Graphics Display with Cursor Selection of Options & Setup of Parameters

  • Auto Chamber Recognition

  • 2 Chamber Sizes (3.5 & 35 mL)

  • Out-of-Sequence Sensing

  • Battery Display (0 to 100%)

  • Ranges 0 to 999.9 mL/hr & 0 to 9999 mL/hr

  • ±1% of Reading Flow A ccuracy

  • Digital Calibration - No Pots to Turn

  • Replaceable Tubes

  • Sealed Level Sensors

  • Programmable End of Test Audio

  • Programmable Auto or Manual Test Start


Electrosurgical Analyzer

The SECULIFE ES XTRA represents a totally new standard in full-featured electrosurgery analyzers, with features that have never been seen before. It offers unprecedented features and capabilities, all in a self-contained "conventional" electrosurgery analyzer.


  • Industry Standard RF Current Measurement

  • Continuous & Pulsed Output Waveform Compatible

  • Embedded Real-Time Operating Syste with ¼ VGA Color Touch Screen Display

  • Displays Up to 15 Different Measurement

  • Parameters with User Selectable and Definable Screens

  • Internal Precision Test Loads From 1 to 6400 Ω in 1 Ω  Increments

  • External Test Load Compatibility

  • Automated Power Load Curves with Multiple

  • Power Settings Per Load Setting

  • Automated User-Definable Testing Sequences

  • Print Test Reports to RS232 or USB Printer

  • USB (3), RS232, and Ethernet Communication Ports

  • External Keyboard and Mouse Compatible Via Dedicated Ports

  • Automatic or Manual Activation of ESU

  • Generator During Power Load Curve Tests

  • Remote Communications Capability with ESU Generators

  • REM/ARM/CQM Testing Via 500 Ω Adjustable Load in 1 Ω Increments

  • RF Leakage Current Measurement

  • Capture, Store, Print RF Waveform


Leakage Current Tester for Ultrasound Transducers 

Until recently, commercially available leakage current test systems for TEE and other invasive diagnostic ultrasound transducers were limited to the indication of test results with green and red LEDs. If the test was passed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, a green LED lit up. If the rest results indicated a defect, the red LED lit up.

Many types of diagnostic ultrasound transducers come into close contact with the patient and should thus be tested at regular intervals, in order to evaluate the integrity of the insulation between the transducer’s internal circuit and the external environment.

Further features:​​

  • Measuring ranges: 0.5 to 500 μA

  • Test voltage: 90 to 275 VA C, 50 or 60 Hz

  • 1% accuracy over the entire range

  • Complete system test by simply pressing a key

  • Test results as pass/fail or numeric display

  • Flash programmable, upgrades possible on-site

  • RS 232 port

  • Audiovisual signals indicate test status

  • Counter mode for extensive measuring times

  • Test report function as part of the software

  • Data protocol with storage of 99 test reports

  • PC utility software for setting up configurations and remote control

  • Date and time function (time stamp)

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